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I sat down to write this story at ten in the morning.

10:05: The little girl asked for a snack.

10:10: She logs out of her online learning program and needs help logging in again.

10:12: The older daughter asks why her sister has a snack and she doesn’t.

10:15: The youngest daughter wanted another snack. Request denied.

10:47: “Mom, I’m upset.”

And it goes. Although my husband is also working from home and we have “ongoing interventions” in the two-hour slot when the kids leave school, most of these requests address me.

The epidemic has made unprecedented demands on families around the world, making it extremely difficult for both parents and parents over the past few months. But as we identified Parents UN Global Day June 1st, it is clear that it is doing heavy lifting of waxes in most cases and may eventually pay the biggest price.

Mothers are able to work only one hour uninterrupted for every three hours as parents, according to New research from the UK It shows mothers working harder and spending more time with their children in homes where there are both working mothers and fathers.

Prior to the lockdown in the UK, mothers completed an average of about 60% of the uninterrupted working hours that fathers did. It is now reduced to one-third.

More importantly, mothers may leave higher paid jobs than fathers and see even greater reductions in their time. Among those who are paid at home, mothers are more likely than fathers to try to take care of the children together during their work.

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