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Amazon workers stand outside an Amazon warehouse during the Cobernavirus epidemic in Kobern-Ganderf, near Kobelanz, Germany, on June 29. Andreas Rent / Getty Images

Workers at six Amazon German replenishment centers are on strike in recent coronavirus cases, the German workers’ union Verdi and Amazon have confirmed to CNN.

On Sunday, Verdi called for a 48-hour strike from Monday to protest security at Amazon replenishment centers in the wake of the recent coronavirus infection. The union in Bad Hersfield, Germany, said at least 30 to 40 workers had been infected.

“Amazon has yet to see any insights and is endangering the health of employees in favor of corporate profits,” said Verhan’s representative Orhan Aqman.

Verdi also wants Amazon to recognize regional wage agreements for the retail sector. Verdi said, “If the company thought we would leave it alone because of the coronavirus epidemic, it was wrong.

Amazon confirmed the strike in a statement, saying most affiliates were not taking part and that customer orders had no effect.

“More than 6,000 of our more than 13,000 permanent partners in Germany have been with us for more than five years, proving that we are a fair employer. The union’s demands are already there: wages on top of what is provided for the same kind of jobs, job opportunities and a safe working environment, “said a spokesman for Amazon in Germany.

Amazon said it would invest about ৪ 4 billion worldwide in Covid-related ventures by the end of June, and in Germany alone it ordered 400 million units of disinfectants, 21 million pairs of gloves, 19 million units of face masks, facial ieldals and other face-nose-covers. And 39 million units of disinfectant wipes.

The strike is being carried out in Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld, which has two full centers, Reinberg, Warne and Kobelange.

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