Trump is deploying federal officers to protect the monuments on July 4

Trump is deploying federal officers to protect the monuments on July 4

The Trump administration will deploy specially trained federal officers to protect American monuments by the end of the fourth week of July.

According to the memo, the Department of Homeland Security will send units to Seattle, Portland and Washington DC following the ongoing civil unrest over George Floyd’s police homicide. Received Fox News.

According to the memo written by Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, “there is a possibility of increasing disruptive activities in certain places across the country on the coming weekend of July 4 which may threaten our workers and federal facilities and their protected property,” Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said. “The DHS will tend to be prepared to defend federal facilities and property.”

The DHS is using its Rapid Deployment Teams (RDTs) from the Protected American Communities Task Force (PACT), which includes trained police to manage crowd and riot control.

It is not immediately clear how many officers will be sent to each city and what equipment will be provided to protect them from vandalism.

Additional teams will be ready to deploy officers elsewhere if needed, Fox News reported.

This is President Trump’s latest attempt at a multilateral approach to aggressively crack down on American protesters who have distorted or tarnished images associated with slavery or racism across the country.

Trump signed an executive order last week, promising to follow the harshest federal punishment for those whose idols were caught.

The order also allows the federal government to withhold funds from local law enforcement agencies “if they fail to protect public monuments.”

Trump himself shared images of protesters trying to dismantle a memorial to President Andrew Jackson near the White House earlier this week.

Protesters targeted the seventh president of slave-owners, whose Indian removal laws forced violent, sometimes fatal, displacement from the ancestral homes of millions of aborigines in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida.

Trump followed the statue’s defense and called it “great.”

To further target protesters, Attorney General Bill Barr announced Friday that he was forming a new government task force focusing on “anti-government extremists.”

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