President Donald Trump returns to the White House after visiting outside St. John's Church, Monday, June 1, 2020, in Washington. Part of the church was set on fire during protests on Sunday night.

Trump disconnects from his nation’s pain with a shocking request from George Floyd

“Hopefully George is looking down now and saying this is a great thing happening to our country,” Trump said Friday at the Rose Garden, adding that the economy would return “like a rocket ship” after an argument.

“It’s a great day for him. It’s a great day for everyone,” Trump said.

Trump’s remarks and subsequent Twitter displays, where he broadcast Beck’s interview with Onx in a storm where he attacked his critics and promoted his supporters, once again expressed the president’s laziness and his inability to sympathize with the experience of black Americans, for which systematic racism and Police brutality is still a daily occurrence.
The president’s “great day” remarks were bizarre, not only because of the circumstances surrounding Floyd’s death, but also because the economic news of the day also desired a seamless gap between white and black unemployment. Moreover, it is unclear whether anger and power will be translated into stable and lasting change at the federal, state and local levels through nationwide protests against Floyd’s death. A promising sign of progress: Minneapolis City Council voted in favor of banning Chocold on Friday, a day after Floyd’s memorial.
Although protesters have drawn Americans of all races, Trump has denied engaging in any meaningful debate over policing methods outside of declaring the killings inhumane. Instead of publicly pushing for policy change – or urging Republican lawmakers to do so – he literally surrounded the White House to maintain “dominance” on the streets and to “dominate” the military police and beat back protesters.
Lisar Markowski, the mayor of Washington, D.C., to Muriel Bowser to Alaska Sen, notices when he tries to present himself as a law-abiding president, just as his crisis has always been affected. Republicans who dared to question his activities this week.
Trump’s attempt to speak on behalf of Floyd on Friday came during a ceremony celebrating May 13.3% unemployment figures – a number that economists had expected to be close to 20%. The president scoffed at the obvious inequality between the new figures: black unemployment stood at 16.6% compared to white unemployment, which was 12.4%.
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Democrat Joe Biden touched on the inequality in response to the president’s remarks and called them trivial.

“George Floyd’s last words – ‘I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe’ – echoed across the country and clearly,” Biden said Friday at Delaware State University, a historically black university in Dover, Delaware.

“I clearly find it disgusting to try to put any other words in the mouth of President George Floyd.”

“The day he raised black unemployment, the rise of Hispanic unemployment, the black youth skyrocketing unemployment, he did it and he tells you what you need to know about this person and who he really cared about,” Biden said.

Trump’s reluctance to get involved

Trump’s reluctance to involve voters in any sector outside his own base, especially at a time when he was inaugurated to build bridges with restless Americans, was regretted Friday by his decision to campaign outside the White House and interview Maine. At least in different states In the country, Within a week when the nation cried out for a conversation about healing racial divisions.

Wanting or perhaps unable to have a tough conversation with Americans on the issue of racial justice facing America, Trump acted safely in Maine on Friday – speaking in front of a predominantly white audience in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, where 99% of the population is white. .

After the district twice backed former President Barack Obama despite losing the entire state, Trump won the 2nd district of Maine in 2011 Cl with a 41% victory over Hillary Clinton. Yet, since Maine’s split in his election vote, Trump has earned an electoral vote to win his second district.

Democratic Rep. Jared Golden slipped the district to become the country’s first-place finisher in a House race, but with Trump this fall, the new lawmaker could once again be competitively re-elected.

Analysis: Trump has just shown us what he will look like after the election - no matter what
Golden was the only Democrat to split his impeachment vote, voting to convict the president of abuse of power but not Congress. Cook’s political report rated his re-election contest a Throw the coin upwards.

During Trump’s visit to Puritan Medical Products, he managed the epidemic of his administration and the “thousands” of lives they saved, as well as the efforts to expand the new economic personality and his party. American Manufacturing Company. He has given little indication of nationwide protests seeking the president’s support for his re-election campaign.

In his comments about the epidemic, he gave a vague reference to the moment as a “historic time.”

“This is a very important time for our country. You see what you see, but a lot of good things are going on,” Trump told Puritan on Friday afternoon. “A very big event has happened though today we have seen (economic) numbers that we have never seen in the history of our country. Good times. Because people look at it and say, ‘Hey, this country is great.'”

The poll found Trump’s growing isolation even more interesting because the election showed that former Vice President Biden is extending his lead over Trump in the poll to test their November matchup.

Watch Trump and Biden take one major vote after another
A new CNN poll shows that 51% of registered voters nationwide are behind Biden, and 41% support Trump by a wide margin in favor of Biden than in April. The survey includes the latest five national telephone polls to measure the views of registered voters, and three polls were conducted after Floyd’s assassination.
An NPR / PBS Newshore / Merist College Voting Published Friday, 67% of Americans believe Trump’s response to the protests has increased tensions, and 16% say he has helped reduce tensions.
The number of these surveys has cut a week of self-imposed errors by Trump in response to the protests. Most worrying is how the Trump administration’s deadly autocratic rollback of peaceful protesters with smoke and pepper spray near the White House, in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church (where he holds a Bible in the air) can deliver any trophy or autographed baseball.
In the state of Maine Dole on Friday, Trump felt he had no more message to convince voters this November that the economy was recovering, reminding him that the economy had developed before the coronavirus hit the United States, and his administration had perfectly mitigated the effects of a virus that Killed more than 1 million Americans.

“We’ve saved thousands of lives,” Trump said.

During a roundtable in the afternoon with commercial fishermen in Bangalore, Trump compared Janet Mills, a Democrat, to a “dictator” in his vision to slowly reopen the state’s economy.

Trump said, “All the states are opening up, they’re making a lot of money. That’s why we had a good number today.” “You have a governor who doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he’s like a dictator, you know?”

Later in the day in Puritan, Trump called Maine a “great state” on the closing pitch to win the Nov. 3 election.

“Anyway, go the other half with Trump,” he said, pointing to other, more liberal districts in the state, which he lost twice. “You,” he told the audience, “don’t worry about me.”

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