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“Things are moving in the right direction”

Several beaches across Florida are closed on the Fourth of July weekend due to coronavirus concerns. However, this is still not the case for St. Petersburg residents who have access to the beach within driving distance of the county.

Mayor Rick Chrisman said he thinks it’s a policy the county needs to consider.

“It simply came to our notice then [the county officials] We need to consider July 4 as the weekend to come. We know that it’s always a busy time on our beaches on the weekends.

Chrisman criticized Florida Governor Ron de Santis for failing to implement statewide policies at this time, and instead left the local government to take action on a number of issues, including beach closures and wearing masks.

“It should be a statewide policy, but we don’t have leadership right now from the administration and the governor’s office.” “If we’re going to get a handle on this, we need to work together, not just piecemeal, where local governments are making policies.”

In further criticism, Chrisman said Desantis has become “extremely inaccessible” to mayors across Florida, hindering statewide action against the virus.

“Me and the other mayors of the state are in a state of despair. The governor was very inaccessible to all of us, so we didn’t have those conversations. “I’ve certainly been very vocal about the fact that I think it works best when it’s a statewide policy and if we don’t have it we can have county policy and if it doesn’t we can’t have individual cities,” he said. Said. “But it really should come down from the state.”

Chrisman also rejected Descent’s claim that the increase in cases was partly due to test backlogs.

“This explanation is really quite stupid. What we see is the percentage of positive tests. So we’ve had a lot of days where we’ve probably had 1,500 tests. Other days we will have 3,500 tests, but the really important thing is the percentage of tests that come back positive, “he explained.

St. Petersburg, Florida was seeing 1.5% to 2% positive cases on a two-week revolving basis in late April and early May. In the past two weeks, the rolling average has stood at 10%, he said.

“It’s very annoying and the explanation is not the number of tests. More people have been published at the moment.

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