The Patriots were the only team Jacob Briset did not want to draft him

The Patriots were the only team Jacob Briset did not want to draft him

Not every player dreams of playing for the NFL’s greatest dynasty.

As Jacob Briset waited for his name to be named in the 2011 NFL Draft, with the exception of the New England Patriots, the quarterback outside NC State was acceptable to any team in the league. Then, after selecting 90, an unknown number appeared on Brisette’s phone.

“I will never forget, [offensive coordinator] Josh (McDaniels) called me on the draft at night and I didn’t save his number. How bad it was. “I can’t save his number on my phone,” Braxett said of McCarthy’s twin children. “Double Coverage” podcast. “I was,” damn, man. “

“I honestly didn’t want to be there. When I took my visit there – my pre-draft visit – I was like, ‘Hell no. If a team drafts me, it’s no better than them. “

The Billset issue seemed to play out for Bill Belick from the old-school concept of the legendary coach’s non-bad approach. However, after coming to New England, Briset quickly learned the value of the environment.

New England Patriots Jacob Brisett
Jacob Briset with Patriots in 2016Getty Images

Brisette said, “Then I got there, like everyone else, ‘Man, this is New England,’ and then you can meet some people like you (Devin McCorty) on the team.” ) Was then it was funny man I was not so close to the old boys that was so young, you know?

“And the main thing I learned was how to be a pro. How to be able to – We used to laugh and decompress in the locker room when we weren’t doing football things, but when we were in football everyone thought it was like the army. We were locked and understood. And there wasn’t a game where we thought, “Damn, this team can beat us.” Jason, you know it could come from a different team.

Brisette, 227, was traded to Indianapolis after a Super Bowl-winning season. He has made 30 starts for the Colts in the last three seasons.

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