The NY guy above is caught in the video screaming n-sound at the black driver

The NY guy above is caught in the video screaming n-sound at the black driver

A senior New Yorker flagged a black driver to tell him “black life doesn’t matter” and shouted “I don’t hate!” Caught in-camera attack which is now under police investigation.

Jacqueline Phillips portrayed the passenger in the hitback, trying to get her attention while driving with the Utica, lowering her window and asking, “What did you say?”

“I said I hate it!” The man who told her he was in a kitchen called Barry Wardel shouted.

“Put me on Facebook. Black life does not matter! N-Er! “She screamed, leaning out the window as she descended Jensi Street.

In the face of a daring verbal attack, Phillips calmly asked if he had “anything else.”

“Blacks should be slaves. He referred me to his “grandparents” and told me to return the property to my grandparents.

When asked what he did for a living, Wardel replied, “I cook. I’m a chef and I hang n n ers on the weekends.”

“But you have no disrespect,” he added bizarrely, smiling even as Phillips walked away.

Jacqueline Phillips
Jacqueline PhillipsFacebook

As well as Wardel’s challenge to keep it on social media, Phillips said Posted the video on Saturday To prove that he “faces racism / prejudice all the time,” he said, “I was finally caught on camera.”

City Utica police said on Sunday It was “actively investigating the incident to determine if there was any crime.”

“Regardless of its crime, we are disappointed and horrified to see the words used,” police said in a statement. “It’s the most neglected thing since no one has said it and it doesn’t prove that the citizens here and all of us are proud of the city.”

David Weipman, President of Hamilton College, “Blasphemous racist blasphemy“The person who confirmed it was a contractor worker for the college’s food service provider.

“He will no longer work here and has been effectively banned from our campus immediately,” Wipman said.

“The behavior shown in the video is a gross violation of our community standards and will not be tolerated.”

Warden’s employer, Forest Appetite, Informed observer-dispatch He was discharged in February due to a coronavirus epidemic – and will never return.

Company officials said in a statement that “Forest Appetite has a zero-tolerance policy on racism.” We wholeheartedly condemn this derogatory remark. “

Wardel’s Facebook page was deleted as soon as the video went viral.

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