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The Karnataka High Court hearing is part of the Covid-19 case in India

The Karnataka High Court has decided to hold a hearing through video conferencing to avoid physical gatherings of stakeholders due to the growing case of Kovid-19 in the technology city, an official said on Wednesday.

“The physical hearing of the case before the main bench of the High Court has been adjourned from July 1 till further orders for the safety of the bar members and judicial staff,” the court’s registrar general Rajendra Badamikar said in the order.

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Cases will be heard via video conferencing through the benches as soon as informed. “The benches of Dharwad and Kalabaragi courts in the north-west and north of the state will, however, be effective as a notification,” the order said.

The High Court was closed on Tuesday to sanitize the entire complex after a positive test for the carnivirus of a relative who executed the court on Monday. “Tuesday’s emergency is scheduled for Wednesday, and emergency cases scheduled for July 1 will be heard remotely on Thursday and Friday,” the order said.

Email requests will take 72 hours instead of 48 hours to list cases

Since only emergency cases will be heard, the court advised bar members to avoid listing those cases which may be taken up at a later time. The order will take 72 hours for processing instead of the 48 hours specified in the Union Home Ministry’s standard operating system under the COVID-transmitted lockdown guidelines, “the order said.

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The court also canceled the appointment for filing cases on Thursday and Friday. “Employees will be able to go to court on Friday according to the slots provided for filing physical cases and correcting objections on Monday. The slots will be reduced from next week to prevent crowds in the court,” the order said.

Chief Justice Abhay Srinia Oka and Justice BV Singh are scheduled to hear the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in COVD-19. The Nagarthana bench has been reconstituted. Now, Chief Justice and Justice Arvind Kumar will listen to them.

“The main benches of the Bangalore City and Rural District High Court and all other courts will remain closed on Saturday as per the instructions of Unlock 2,” he said.

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