Taxi 6ix9ine officially released from captivity at home

Taxi 6ix9ine officially released from captivity at home

Tekashi 6ix9ine Springing – Sorted.

Controversial Rapper-turned-convicted He was officially released from house arrest on Saturday and according to his lawyer, a federal probation officer was ready to go to his home and remove his ankle monitor. The top snip of hip-hop has to be done now, he will survive considering that his enemies are here and can take proper revenge.

His lawyer Lance Lazaro told the Post Saturday, “I spoke with him yesterday and he looks pretty good.” “He is looking forward to his future.”

Tekashi was released from prison on April 1 due to coronavirus concerns, but was reluctant to make arrangements for his life. He had to move to another home after leaking the address of the first prison post-jail rented on Lido Beach on Lang Island after he posted a picture of himself outside the taxi jolt of cash.

Lazaro said that ixix9ine – real name Daniel Hernandez – would be able to leave his home and work, although he would still have to meet with a probation officer five years after his supervisory release. Lazaro means he has to get permission if he wants to travel outside the state or outside the country. He also has to do 300 hours of community service.

But Tekashi, 24, and his team were worried that the rapper’s past – and his enemies – might catch him. He has turned down offers to go to witness protection and will rely on costly personal protection. Lazaro said Saturday that Tekashi got dark on most of his social media platforms last month. The rapper did not want any details available from his feed when he was released from house arrest.

“His Instagram should be back in seven days,” Lazaro said.

Tekashi was sentenced to 24 months in prison last December after being convicted of conspiracy to record and eight other charges. Earlier, he was in custody for 13 months. In recognition of joining the Nine Trey Bloods Gang for career support – and after their financial contributions, he faced 47 years in prison. He received his reduced sentence after he decided to cooperate with prosecutors. During the last fall, he described the gang’s internal activities, which sent members of the group to prison.

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