Shropshire baby death: Police investigation into hospital trust

Shropshire baby death: Police investigation into hospital trust

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More than a thousand families are now involved in the review of the Shrushbari and Telford Hospital NHS Trust’s claims for maternity care.

A police investigation has been launched into a hospital trust at the center of an investigation into a child’s death.

For more than 40 years, more than a thousand families with lawsuits have contacted Shrewsbury and an independent review of the Telford Hospital NHS Trust.

West Marcia police said they were looking into “whether there is evidence to support a criminal case against a trust or a person involved.”

It said it would not comment further.

The force said it had discussed the allegations against the trust with NHS improvements, the health department and independent reviewers.

This has encouraged anyone who has the information, but has not yet been able to contact the team behind the individual review, to contact

The trust’s chief executive, Louis Burnett, said it would “fully co-operate in the investigation”.

“I want to reassure all the affected families that we are listening to the response and acting,” he said.

“We are unable to comment further to avoid bias in the investigation.”

The independent review, led by Donna Okenden, focuses on the claim that several children and mothers died or were harmed in the care of the faith.

A leaked report by obstetrician Mrs. Okenden outlines a catalog of obstetric failures from 1979 to the present.

In an April update, she said the number of families involved in the maternity review stood at 1,170.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the trust would pay about 1 1 million in payments received under the NHS’s maternity incentive scheme, just weeks before its services received an inadequate rating.

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Richard Stanton

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Ryanon Davis, pictured with daughter Isabella and husband Richard, campaigned for an independent investigation into the death of her baby Kate in 2009.

Ryanon Davis and husband Richard Stanton, whose baby Kate died in 2009, were among the first families to move forward with an independent investigation.

Ms Davis said she had no comment on the news of the police investigation.

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