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Monday, June 2 Monday All you need to know about coronavirus

The difference between the two is that the coronavirus can one day be cured with a vaccine, John Blake writes.
The death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man at the hands of police in Minnesota Minneapolis, drove thousands of people out of their homes and onto the streets of various American cities. Police protest brutalityThe color reflects the anger and grief of the community, which has been unusually damaged by the disease.
African Americans Kovid-19 has been infected and dying at high rates across the country. They are also more at risk of losing their jobs or working at a lower wage per hour.

The unrest comes as many states have just begun lifting lockdown orders, raising fears of a new coronavirus outbreak in a country that has already killed more than 100,000 people due to the virus.

Yet protesters in dozens of cities, from Atlanta to New York and Los Angeles, have risen despite the risk, many of them wearing face masks to protect themselves from the virus, and tear gas.

“I think this week, more than any other week, it’s so important to focus on racial discrimination that many of us in the public health community have been talking for months,” said emergency room physician and researcher Dr. At Brown University, told CNN. “It has to do with the history of structural racism in our country.”

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Q: How can we protest safely?

Answer: “I think masks are an important part of that,” Ashish Jha, a world health professor at Harvard, told CNN yesterday. Politicians, doctors and public health experts warn that the new Covid-19 case could increase the number of protesters. Jha and others insisted The importance of masks, And physical distance during demonstrations. However, the reality is that the private space during the protests is almost non-existent. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also issued a new guideline for public gatherings: “In the context of Covid-19, public gatherings are events that could exacerbate the virus infection and potentially disrupt the host country’s response.” It further states that larger events also offer benefits such as enhancing psychological well-being. If you get close to a lot of people, the WHO has this advice: remember coughing decency and hand healthy exercises.
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Today is important

Liftdown despite warnings

From Moscow to Manila, lockdowns are also rising as infection rates continue to rise, raising fears of a second wave. Scientists have warned that reviving the economy without proper precautions will soon lead to new, uncontrolled outbreaks – but the government has not stopped them from moving forward with their plans.

India has launched a three-phase plan to ease nationwide sanctions, officials said Record daily jump in coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, the country Overworked rural healthcare workers Pushing for more pay
Health officials in England today issued a desperate appeal for ministers to lift the ban, warning that new rules would allow six people to gather outside. “Not supported by science” And in that case the country was not ready to deal with the significance of the case.

South America lawsuits increase

Things are looking shameless at the world’s newest Covid-19 center. Brazil now has more than 514,000 records of the virus than any other country except the United States. Meanwhile, the number of cases recorded in Peru yesterday has risen to more than 1,164,000.

The hurricane season is going to look different this year

When disaster strikes, state emergency officials are prepared for the worst. Most plans, however, do not include a hurricane season that is accompanied by a devastating epidemic that depletes resources and shows no signs of recession.

E.g. Hurricane season Officially starting today, Florida and other states along the Atlantic coast have faced grim realities and are rewriting almost every aspect of their storm preparedness.

Mothers are doing the most

The epidemic has made unprecedented demands on families around the world, making it extremely difficult for both parents and parents over the past few months. But as we celebrate UN Global Day of Parents today, it is clear that mothers are doing heavy lifting in most cases and may end up paying the biggest price, Katie Hunt writes.

While mothers are able to work only one hour uninterrupted for every three hours done by the father, a new study in the UK found that mothers work more and spend more time with their children in homes where there are working mothers and both fathers.

The sacred sites are being reopened

Life has begun to return to normal at some of the world’s most prominent places of worship. One of the holiest sites in Jerusalem, known to Muslims as the Nobel Sanctuary and to Jews as the Temple Mount, was reopened for the first time at more than twice yesterday morning. The compound is the holiest place in the world for Jews and the third holiest place for Muslims. For the first time since the lockdown began in Italy about three months ago, Pope Francis, for the first time, gave a traditional theological salute from his window.

On our radar

  • One 103-year-old Massachusetts woman The man, who recovered from Covid-19, was told by nurses to get “out” from his room after a negative test. They still let him celebrate with a favorite drink: a cool bud light. 3
  • The 94-year-old Queen of Britain He has made his first public appearance since the coronavirus lockdown began in the UK. And it was on horseback.
  • Some good news: Even after four weeks of isolated bans, the numbers Covid-19 cases in Italy Deterioration continues.
  • After lifting the lockdown, South Korea Saw a spike in the case. About two dozen infected public health officials have connected several small churches.
  • Japanese electronic giant Hitachi Announcing homework from 2021 as a new rule has surprised many in Japan – a country famous for its demanding work culture, with “paid” watches up to 60 hours a week.
  • Tokyo retailers are embracing Heat imaging camera As a way to quickly scan multiple customers for fevers. This technology is expected to play a major role in the reconstruction of Japan.
  • When the five Hawaiian fishermen sailed to sea, they had one goal: to feed their local healthcare workers. Boy did they deliver (220 pound tuna).

Top tips

Pleiades and epidemics: Can babies be reunited safely? As the weather brightens and states begin to reopen, some parents are relaxing strict rules about social distance and allowing their children to play with others. But in a world where scientific research is politicized – and changing every day – it’s hard to say exactly how risky plates are and what exactly. If you are going to start plaidets, I think it is better to go outside. There is speculation that swimming is a safe activity, but the following outbreaks after pool teams seem to prove otherwise. Here’s what you need to know to keep your kids safe.

Today’s podcast

“It’s like running a roller coaster in the dark. No game plans. No protocol.” “- CNN producer Lu Foglia

When a family member is hospitalized in Covid-19, a single relative is often chosen as the primary line of communication between the physician and the rest of the family. In today’s podcast, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to Foglia about his experience navigating his father’s hospital stay. Listen now.

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