Masahiro will wear this defensive gear on the return of Tanaka Yankees

Masahiro will wear this defensive gear on the return of Tanaka Yankees

Masahiro Tanaka sounded pretty sure he would wear a defensive insert in his hat when he makes his first start of the season against the Red Sox on Saturday night.

And he was adamant that he would not get drunk at the memory of hitting Giano Carlo Stanton liner on the head on July 4 at 112 miles per hour and stubbornly left him.

“I don’t think so at all when I went to Scranton’s Ound Bay,” Tanaka told Yamkis in a zoom call before Friday night’s 5-0 win over the Red Sox. He was hit by a hitter at the Yankees ’alternative site earlier this week. “That said, I think I should be fine.”

The part on the right side of his hat that later hit him and the dirt will be sent to Tan, Tanaka said, was advised by medical staff.

Masahiro Tanaka
Masahiro TanakaCorey Sipkin

“I think I’ll play it [Saturday]. I didn’t know about it. This is the trainer who advised and wanted to know if I wanted to try it, “said Tanaka.” I was with him and I tried it. It actually turned out that it didn’t bother me at all. You kind of forget that it even So when I feel like it can work and it gives me peace of mind, of course and it protects me in a sense, that’s probably why I use it. [Saturday’s] Game. ”

Asked how deeply he could go against the Red Sox, Tanaka said until he was removed from the game.

“I am not sure how much pitch will be given to me. My idea is we’ll see. Only compete up to the BB [Boone] Take the ball away from me, “said Tanaka.

In addition to the time lost due to grace, Tanak has faced the challenge of overcoming the obstacles presented by COVID-19.

“The situation we’re looking at is challenging, but every player is in the same situation,” Tanaka said. “So there’s really no excuse for that. My mentality is to just go out and compete and be the best version for me.”

By hitting the Covid-19 Marlins hard and forcing them and the Phillies to postpone their Asons Tu and Cardinals-Brewers game on Friday night, Tanaka resolved the issue.

“I think it was almost as expected. In that sense, I am not overly shocked or overly concerned, but it is clear that this is happening, “said Tanaka. “I think it’s a reminder that we need to be truly responsible for the actions we take.”

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