Mark Cuban: We need to create millions of jobs that pay well

Mark Cuban was seriously weighing a run for the presidency last month. Here’s why he decided against it

Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner criticizes and discusses President Donald Trump Presidential asylum shelter For years. But several weeks ago, Cuba hired someone to increase its chances of running for 2020, he told David Axelrod. X file podcast Thursday.

“My family voted for it,” a Cuban president said of the bid. “Otherwise I would have too.”

Cuban said he would run as an independent candidate, and he wanted to know how he would fight Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The Cuban pollster told him that he would be able to garner about 77% of the independent vote and get some votes from Trump and Biden. However, he finally felt that his chances were not good enough.

Cuba said, “I dominated the individual vote.” But overall, I was only able to get up to 25%. “

With so much adversity he said, he didn’t think he could convince his family that a run was appropriate. “That’s why I didn’t follow it.”

The way he feels about Trump becoming president, Cuban said he thinks “he started right,” adding that he agrees with some parts of Trump’s tax plan. But Cuba eventually questioned Trump’s fitness for the role.

“He is not a leader at all,” Cuban said. “He has no communication skills. To date, nothing is his fault. He has never admitted anything. And you can’t be a free world leader and play hunting cards all the time.”

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