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Maisaya Thabne: Lesotho PM’s wife arrested again for killing husband’s ex-wife

Police Commissioner Holomo Molibeli told CNN that he will remain in custody in Thaban until June 16 after his bail was revoked on charges that he did not appear in court when he first appeared in court in February.

Molibeli said the former first lady was behind bars in a technical matter because the state was not allowed to argue against her bail during the hearing.

The commissioner said he was released on অনেক 1,000 bail (৮ 56) long after his release.

CNN has repeatedly tried to reach out to Maisaya Thaban’s lawyer, but they have yet to hold a hearing. Neither she nor her husband, former Prime Minister Thomas Thaben, has spoken publicly about the allegations.

Molibeli said he would appear in court again after his re-arrest where due process would be followed.

He did not say when.

“He’s in jail for telling us,” Molibeli said.

Her exiled husband was shot dead at Lipolo Thaban two days before the inauguration of his second term as prime minister.

In May 2013, Maesaya Thabne was charged with ordering the murder of Lipolio Thabun, who was shot near his home in Meseru, the capital of Lesotho.

The former first lady fled the country in January despite a police warrant for her arrest, but turned herself in to the police in February after spending a few weeks in South Africa.

Thomas Thabon was questioned by police about the case and pressured to file a complaint, but his lawyers said he could not be prosecuted, citing constitutional immunity. No charges were brought against him in the case.
The killings have sent shockwaves through the tiny country of South Africa, and police say he retired abruptly in May after months of pressure from his political party.

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