Kiri Irving, Kevin Durant input on net coaching hire

Kiri Irving, Kevin Durant input on net coaching hire

Net general manager Shawn Marks has admitted that he will choose the brains of Kevin Durant and Kiri Irving in the coaching situation of the team. But it has never been the experience of re-launching the NBA in flat Orlando.

“[Irving] Doing well But like Kevin, you have to look at the risk-reward. “When you have a lot of money and your future is tied to two boys – the whole team, but these two boys are an integral part of it – they didn’t have the right structure,” Marx told WFAN on Friday. “The last thing you want to do is leave these guys there when they don’t get the proper work pressure and buildup.”

And Marks won’t ask the stars to appear on COVID-19 in Orlando to evaluate the work of interim coach and supposed frontman Jack Vaughan.

“It wouldn’t be smart for us if we didn’t involve some key players in this decision,” Marx said. “Kevin, Carrie, we’re going to pick up on the brains of the leaders they’re looking for. They have been ruthlessly honest for so long.

Kevin Durant and Kiri Irving
Kevin Durant and Kiri IrvingCorey Sipkin

“I wouldn’t ask Kevin to come down to Orlando to evaluate anyone. When you reach the level of these elite players, they have the ultimate goal in mind. They want to be held accountable. Kevin and Kerry told me they wanted to win the championship in Brooklyn. “

But it’s realistic enough to know the decimated nets that the title isn’t coming this season. They have been playing a long game.

Even if the word tank doesn’t start with Marx’s lips, there’s a wise reason. If the Nets miss the playoffs, they will hold the lottery-protected first-round pick, currently bound for Minnesota.

“We’re going to be strategic in how we play there and how we compete,” Marx said. “But again, it’s much bigger than playing basketball. It goes beyond that. “

Apparently this reference was a coronavirus, Diandre Jordan and Spencer Danwoodi have both tested positive and Jordan has already ruled himself out of the resume. However, the nets have surpassed Wilson Chandler and Nick Clayton.

Why the Nets Injured Carish Levert – their best young talent and potential trade chip if they want to land a third star – but it’s easy to see why the Nets would be upset about the possibility of being injured by trying to shoulder too much.

“Of course, we have to be smart about how we get there and how we compete and the team we put there. We have evaluated and continue to evaluate… who is playing and who should play and who should not play, “Marx said.” Players have to decide for themselves. It is not entirely up to me. But we are taking their safety and health and risk of injury [seriously].

“It’s not just a priority for this season. We’ve been on the road for two years. ‘

In the last 16 games before the shutdown, Leverkuson averaged 24.1 points, 5.3 assists and 4.8 rebounds, at a rate of 41.3 per cent from deep 41. He acknowledged COVID-19 concerns, but said the Nets’ team decisions were over his head.

“As a team, net as an organization? I do not make these decisions; I feel like my outsider. It’s Shawn and Ownership. It’s not my job to think about these things, ”Levert said.“ Individually, it’s definitely in my head when thinking about things like personal health and carbon berries and bubbles outside of social justice and comfort, it’s definitely something I should consider.

“But as an organization, I don’t think we’re going down. It’s my call.”

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