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Karti Chidambaram advises legalization of bets for all races as government approves online betting on racing

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The Karnataka government legalized online betting at the Bangalore Turf Club in the wake of the epidemic. The club will now create an app to bet on painters. Karti Chidambaram agreed to the move to legalize all sports in India.

The legalization of online betting comes as a relief to the horse racing community in the state. Due to the epidemic, the racing community has faced tough times, where there have been no races in the last 5 months.

Karthi Chidambaram bet all the games

The epidemic has hit the sports community with nothing more in the past. All sports are closed and there are horse races. Since assemblies have been banned, it is impossible to hold a competition between the coronavirus epidemics.

However, the horse racing community seemed to be looking for a silver lining as the Karnataka government allowed online betting on horse racing at the Bangalore Turf Club. The duration of the epidemic coincided with the summer which could be a great season for the club as it brings in good earnings, scheduled for May but now canceled.

The government has now approved betting on horse racing ‘in principle’. In a case where the Punters are the main source of income for those who come to watch a large number of races, now the club has changed the format of re-launching with legitimacy and recovering some losses.

With legal bets, the club has proven that it can eliminate illegal side bets as well as transparency. The club will now develop an application for downloading and holding bets as well as practically assembling for races.

Managing Committee member Hari Mohan Naidu told The Hindu, “With online betting, any runner can bet on the race we are running. It will naturally expand our customer base, increase our turnover and also increase government revenue.”

Karti Chidambaram praised the move on Twitter and urged that the same should be applied in all sports. He added that the global reality of sports betting and India’s income should not be prevented as much as it could be, “All sports betting should be legalized. Global sports betting is a reality, there is no reason to be hypocritical in India. Tax on legalization.” Gambling will be a huge source of income. ”

The government may take a lenient stance on the suggestion and it is yet to be seen whether Karnataka will recover from the move.

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