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Kangana Ranaut urges fans not to read cheap Chinese products

Just days after the Bollywood actress called for a complete boycott of their products, Kangana Ranaut welcomed the Indian government’s decision to ban 59 applications.

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Kangana’s message
The actress denounced China for spreading Kovid-19 and creating problems at the border. “The government has banned Chinese apps and I think most people are celebrating because China, as we all know, is a communist country and the way they have gone deep into our economy and our system … The data is alarming, how much of our business is dependent on China and In addition to this year’s coronavirus launcher and the world’s biggest adversity in recent times, they are now squabbling over our borders in Ladakh and they don’t just want Ladakh, the actress was quoted as saying by IANS. They want your Assam too and it never ends, ”the actress was quoted as saying by IANS.

Kangana Ranaut

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He said it was time to cut the roots of China and he said, “You can see the greed of these people and of course the world is amazed at their way of life and the way they treat animals badly. If you worship idols or follow your religion, they The way you beat me I said you know being an extremist or a communist is both extreme.Why don’t you want to believe in god god or any god god? Why? Do you want to be so sure? Why you just can’t be like that … You don’t know ? I don’t agree with their ways and obviously they have shown their true crude face to the world.The epidemics and bio-wars that they have spread to the world.They that are feeding them are their economy So so these must cut our roots in India and of course when so much When there is no revenue and no money, their evil power will come down and the world will be a better place. “

Actress Manikarnika said that India was prosperous in ancient times and the world was an inclusive place in life. According to him, Hinduism promotes universality and the country can be a world leader.

Kangana Ranaut


He said, “So I think we should make the final decision at a time when China is getting so much hatred from the world and we should take responsibility and as a people we should also encourage local things and try to see the value of what our people do. Of course the Chinese Give us ‘cheap’ and cheap products. We shouldn’t go that way. We’ve seen the consequences of that ‘cheap’ and cheap.

Swara sculptor in Rasavari

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Kangana vs. Swara
Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut’s digital team has condemned recent comments about nepotism by Swajan Bhaskar. “Don’t forget Swara to please Chaplaincy. Kangana watched the show after many requests. She was a superstar and KJO was a paid host. It is not in her favor to remove anything if the channel wants it, and KJO does not need anyone to reach out to the people in her voice.” [sic]”I read the message from Tim Kangana Ranaut.

However, Swaro did not get annoyed and praised Karan Johar for questioning his nephew. “Let’s take a moment and admit that Karan Johar took this question to his chin and answered it honestly and honestly without taking unreasonable personal offense. Let’s also admit that the infamous #Nepotism comment was not removed from his chat show. . [sic]”He tweeted,

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