In a message about racism in America, Nike says 'don't do this'

In a message about racism in America, Nike says ‘don’t do this’

On Friday evening Nike posted just one text video on its social media accounts The brand’s iconic slogan about “for once, don’t do it” gives people an incentive with messaging that is recognized around the world.

The message reads:

“For once, don’t do this. Don’t pretend that there is no problem in America. Don’t go back to racism. Don’t accept that innocent lives are being taken away from us. Don’t feel any more excuses. Don’t think it affects you. Don’t sit back, don’t be silent, don’t think, you can’t be a part of change. Let’s all become part of change.

Nike’s message came four days later George Floyd, 46, died in police custody in Minnesota at the last minute captured on video. At the time of his arrest, Floyd was being held to his knees by a Minneapolis police officer. In the video, Floyd is asked if he is in pain and cannot breathe. Then, his eyes close and the appeals stop. He was later pronounced dead. The officer was arrested on Friday and charged with murder.
This is not the first time they have used the slogan This More than just sports.

In a statement to CNN on Saturday, Nike said, “Nike has a long standing position against bigotry, hatred and discrimination in all religions. “We hope that by sharing this film we can inspire and inspire action against the deeper issues of our society and encourage people to help shape a better future.”

To identify On the 30th anniversary of the slogan “Just Do It” 2018, Nike released an ad Colin Kepernick, A former San Francisco 49er quarterback who knelt in protest during the national anthem for playing pre-NFL music. In this ad, Nike was in favor of protesting during the national anthem about racial injustice in the NFL, and the ad preceded Nike’s “equality” campaign. Launched in 2017, this campaign focuses on how sports can break down barriers.

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