Gerrit Cole's teammates will be playing his first Yankee Test Test squad

Gerrit Cole’s teammates will be playing his first Yankee Test Test squad

Less than three weeks before the opening day is scheduled, Aaron Boone wants the Yankees to get as many “live raps” as possible, so they will play their first interscad in 2.0 spring training on Monday night.

J.A. Happ and right-handed prospect Clark Schmidt is set to start the game with scheduled Gerrit Cole on Tuesday with another introsquad game.

“With a short time [to prepare]”We want pitchers in game action and pitch counting,” said Aaron Boone. “As easy as coming out of the box and running” “

Boone added that the Yankees will be “optimistic” they will get “a few” exhibition games before the regular season of the Tara-0 game.

The Yankees are without DJ Lemahiu and Luis Sesa, both of whom tested positive for COVID-19 and have been self-isolated outside of New York.

Lemahiyu was treated incompletely, while Sisa received “extremely mild symptoms”.

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Boone said on Saturday that he was “optimistic” the two would be out in a very short time.

With less than three weeks to go before the opening day, Boon wants the Yankees to get as many “live reps” as possible, which is why they will play an inter-squad game on Monday night of their first spring training 2.0.

James Paxton was on the executive subcommittee of the Major League Baseball Players Association during the labor dispute, which many had no idea could lead to controversial discussions after the front-bargaining agreement expires next season.

“We’ll see how things go,” Paxton said Sunday after launching the Secluded Game. “We’ve stood our ground and fought for what we believe in and now we’re where we are.”

The players ’association refused to play the game per season without a fully fixed salary, while the owners hoped to pay them a portion of their pro-rated salary due to the reduced revenue.

“We’ve done a great job of sticking together,” Paxton said. “Our team was very united. We knew what we wanted and what we thought was fair and stuck with it. “

He described the experience as highly educational.

“It was helpful, although we hope we don’t have to go through what we’ve done,” Paxton said.

Gleber Torres continued his work at the shortstop on Sunday. His return to his original position was suspended by the COVID-19 shutdown.

“I feel very good in the first few days of these two days [of camp], ”Said Torres, who was part of the shutdown in Tampa. “During the quarantine, I prepared myself well. There weren’t too many options for the fields. I [watched] Lots of my videos, trying to get ready for shortstops.

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