George Floyd's protests spread across the country

George Floyd’s protests spread across the country

Journalists from Minneapolis to Washington DC, from Louisville to Las Vegas are facing attacks and arrests while reporting on mass protests and unrest.

The CNN crew was mistakenly arrested in Minneapolis on Friday and at least a dozen different incidents were reported in its wake. Two photographers arrested in Las Vegas.

Another disturbing incident occurred on Saturday, when Ian Smith, a photojournalist for KDKA TV in Pittsburgh, Said he was “attacked” “They beat and kicked me,” he wrote in a tweet from behind an ambulance by a suburban protester. “I am wounded and bloody but alive. My camera is destroyed. Another group of protesters dragged me and saved my life. Thank you!”

Journalists on Thursday said they wanted to focus not on their safety concerns but on all the communities that are covering them.

Yet the incident has provoked Anxiety From a range of advocacy groups.

In Louisville, Kentucky, where protesters called for police to be held accountable for the shooting death of a black woman in March, an official called a reporter for the local TV station Wave Three News a pepper ball.

The incident was broadcast live on air. “Who are they targeting?” Ask the anchor. “To us,” replied the reporter, Caitlin Mort.

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