Ferrari was forced to create a new design of their car

Ferrari was forced to create a new design of their car

Current Ferrari car pictured during the winter test

Ferrari has been forced to create a new design for their car as a result of flaws discovered since taking part in pre-season tests in February.

Team boss Matia Binotto said the task of understanding why the car was stopped at speed led to “significant changes in direction for development”.

As a result, the car will run in the pre-season specification of the late season two-opening race in Austria this weekend.

The upgrade is set to debut at the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 17-19.

Binoto said the team was forced to correct their view of the car’s wind power after an investigation into the performance deficit.

“We need to understand why we didn’t see the results we expected on the track and how much the whole program had to be re-assembled as a result,” Binoto said.

“It would have been reactionary to continue with the plan we had, knowing that we would not be able to reach our goal.

“So we decided to come up with a new program that would look at the whole car, knowing that it’s not all ready for the first race.

“Our goal is to introduce updates to the third race in Hungary.

“Apart from this the actual development of the car and even then, over the last few weeks we have done a lot of work on its behavior analysis, simulation work and assistance to our driver and I think it will prove its worth in Austria.

“We know we don’t have the fastest package right now. We knew this before Mel moved to Melbourne and it hasn’t changed.

“Having said that, the Spielberg circuit in Montmelo (Spain, where the test was held) has different characteristics and the temperature will be better than in February.

“In Austria, we must make the most of every opportunity, and then in Hungary, the new development initiative we are working on, we will be able to see where we really compare to others, when we have to take into account the development that our competitors themselves have brought. Brought.

The result is that this weekend and the next two races in the Red Bull Ring are unlikely to see Ferrari win.

They weren’t far off the pace of Mercedes and Red Bull already, but both rivals have upgrades to their cars that will make them even faster.

Mercedes has made a significant aerodynamic upgrade to their car as Lewis Hamilton bid for a record seventh world title.

And the Red Bull has an advanced Honda engine to add to its own aerospace progress.

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, who started the season knowing he would end up with the team, said: “We have to be realistic when it comes to fun orders seen in tests, but we’re not disappointed.”

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