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Editroad: Historic plane to take Thomas Werner to Norway after dog Alaska stranded for months

It’s been three months since the dog Mashar Thomas Warner, Who tells CNN Sport that this is a story he will remember until the day he dies.
The 47-year-old won this Editarode Trail Slade Dog Race In March, however, flight cancellations and travel bans prevented him from returning home to his family.

Fear not, however, the perfect adventurer has come up with a fancy escape plan.

He has booked his passage on a historic historical plane intended for a Norwegian museum, with his team of dogs.

“Winning the race and then getting back on the plane … I think it was one of the coolest things in life,” Waerner CNN told Sport in a phone interview.

Iconic editrode

Editarode is a legendary long-distance competition each year on the trail between Anchorage and Nome.

Running nearly a thousand miles covering the most extreme regions of the world, each team is driven by the boot4 booty foot and the humorous will of a masher.

Werner’s second stabbing in this year’s challenging competition and winning after nine days of hard work was a dream come true for this experienced mushroom – the man who drives the sled.

After crossing the finish line, though, he conspired with his somewhat unusual way home to get involved with friends in the rural U.S. state.

Warner’s plan was drawn up after reading that the local airline was trying to sell a DC-6 aircraft – A historic aircraft – The museum of flight history in Sola, Norway.

The aircraft enjoyed more than 60 years of uninterrupted service before landing on three separate continents in 1986.

Coincidentally, Weaver’s friends connected with the current owner of the plane and, with the help of his sponsor, arranged for him to board a lift home on June 2nd.

Weaver will join the plane with these 24 dogs – leaving 16 of his own and an additional competitor eight.

“Life is a bit strange,” he said with a laugh, the situation was a bit surreal ad “But I’m a forward, positive person. If you’re positive, you’ll always find solutions and you’ll overcome your obstacles.”

Douglas DC-6B Cloudmaster is preparing for its last flight to Fairbanks, Alaska in May.
A man's best friend is ...

‘A strange feeling’

It has been more than three months since Werner left for Alaska. His wife Guru traveled with him but soon left when the epidemic began to grip the world.

Warner has five children and 35 dogs back in Norway so he was aware that he could do a lot with his veterinarian wife and children – not forgetting to take care of family responsibilities.

“I feel a little bad for all these jobs of his and I am not in favor of supporting him at all,” he said. “So it would be great to be back home and back to normal life.”

Despite being stranded on another continent, Warner is walking with his close friends while training his dogs and calling them “retired life in Alaska.”

In video calls he communicates with his family every day and can’t wait for coffee with his wife and dinner with the kids.

Following the postponement of the feast and ceremony of the Id Editrode winner due to lockdown restrictions, Werner’s personal victory parade did not happen as he had imagined.

“I really wanted to win the race at some point in my life, and then you suddenly do it,” he said. “I still have to look at the trophy and remember we actually won. It’s kind of a surprise.”

Werner during the 2020 race
Winner extended his hand after the win.

‘You are really strong mentally’

However, his adventures did not deter him from returning to Alaska and he is keen to take part in next year’s Itidaro.

The waiter firmly believes that his ability to deal with the challenges posed by the Itidaros has helped him overcome his current situation.

“It moves like a coming wave of negative things against you when you compete because you have too much deprivation of sleep,” he reflects.

“Your warm weather, cold weather, it’s raining, you’re going down bad paths, good trails and things are happening that you always have to deal with.

“I think my long-distance career has helped me because you’re really strong mentally [in order] To deal with negative things. “

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