Coronavirus suspends MTA efforts to curb OT fraud: Watchdog

Coronavirus suspends MTA efforts to curb OT fraud: Watchdog

The coronavirus epidemic has stopped MTA’s efforts to curb overtime fraud after the company’s high-tech time was thrown into chlorantine, the agency said on Monday.

The Office of Inspector General Carolyn Pokarni said in a new report that fingerprint-scanning gadgets have been delayed together which was billed as a solution to the fight against allegations of excessive overtime abuse.

In mid-March, transit officials decided to shut down the new Cronus timekeeping system to counter the spread of COVD-19.

However, MTA’s OT-reduction efforts have had a “significant, negative impact” on the standardization of timekeeping using Krones and its integration with existing payroll systems, according to a recent review by IG.

“The delay in this important aspect of overtime reform is related to OIG,” the report continued. “We question how long it will last and what plans are in place to ensure the effort continues.”

The rollout of MTA’s new watches – which are expected to replace the old paper cards – has already been filled with delays.

After making its first commitment to 40,000 workers to use watches this past September, those mid-January workers are actively using the technology in mid-January.

More complex issues, including “objectionable vandalism” against the machines against the MTA, the IG’s office said earlier – many were found in a state of disrepair or damage.

Agency IT staff predicted that by 2021, Cronos would be fully integrated with existing timekeeping systems.

When the virus began to wreak havoc in New York City, workers were forced to redirect their time and resources toward helping home-based workers – perhaps even delaying the goal of full Cronos pay-based integration.

Pokerny began investigating allegations of overtime misconduct at the MTA, an employee who recorded é 344,177 overtime after multiple post exposures on LIRR employees – his salary was ১১ 11,7,499.

Pokarni’s office has accused the agency of allowing workers to do it up based on an “honor system” through little supervision or verification.

MTA spent ৩ 1.3 billion on overtime last year – up from $ 895 million in 2014, according to company documents.

Compared to last year, the company – which is facing a 4 billion deficit due to the epidemic – has reduced its OT tab by 24 percent, the IG’s office said.

However, these cuts were not driven by the fact that “MTA may rely on future savings production.”

The IG’s office said, “Health concerns, turnover and general uncertainty about whether technological investment will remain a priority.

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