Coronavirus live news and updates around the world

Coronavirus live news and updates around the world

A woman wears a face mask on the streets of Durham in the north-east of England on 25 May. Oli Scarf / AFP / Getty Images

Great Britain’s most vulnerable individuals who continue to “weld” – sitting at home at any time and avoiding face-to-face contact – will be allowed to go abroad from Monday, the UK government said in a statement before the official announcement on Sunday.

In an official statement, Community Secretary Robert Generick announced that 2.2 million physically challenged people would be able to go out with their family members, and continue to follow social distance guidelines, according to a government statement. The updated guidance states that those who live alone can meet someone else from outside the family.

This is seen as one of the most therapeutically encouraging for the weak, many of whom have been advised to have a shawl for the first time 10 years ago who have not had face-to-face contact. However, it comes at a time when members of the UK Government’s Scientific Advisory Board – SEGs – are warning that the untimely release of the coronavirus lockdown could lead to a “significant” number of new cases and deaths across the country.

On Saturday, London Mayor Sadiq Khan also expressed concern that the country was “running” to ease government sanctions, urging citizens to “exercise caution” on Monday.

However, the government advised to protect them: “The average chance of catching the virus has now been reduced from 1/40 to 1/1000, which further assures that it is safe to carefully reflect on the guidelines for those who are advised to give ieldal.” “Those who are giving .al should be at a distance of two meters from others when they are out, should only go out of the house once a day and should not go to work or shop,” he added. They should avoid crowded places where they cannot socialize.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “I want to thank everyone who has followed the direction of giving alms – thousands of lives have been saved because of your patience and sacrifice,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “I do not underestimate how difficult it has been for you to be at home for the last 10 weeks and I want to pay tribute to your perseverance.”

Thanks to Johnson for helping to provide medicine and shopping or to check in between isolated people, Johnson said, “We’re looking at how we can make life easier for those at our most risky, so … I’m glad I’m sure Those who are giving ield will be able to spend time outside with someone else by observing the direction of social distance, ”Johnson said. “In the coming weeks and months, I will do what I can in line with scientific advice to make life easier for you.”

“Thanks to the sacrifices that have been made across the country that have saved the NHS and saved lives, now is the time to lift sanctions step by step, and we all need to be vigilant, we can start to feel normal now,” said Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

During his speech at the government’s daily press conference on Sunday, the government is expected to review its social distance measures as well as plan to review generic as well as safe directions. The next review will be later this month.

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