Boris Johnson: This is the moment to be ambitious

Boris Johnson: This is the moment to be ambitious

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the country must use “this moment” to address the issues highlighted by the coronavirus crisis.

In a speech at Dodley, the prime minister called for a “better return” to the UK and plans to accelerate 5 billion in infrastructure projects.

He said the virus has enhanced the manifesto plan, including plan reforms.

A “project speed” has been set up with the chancellor, who will outline more details of the recovery plan next week.

Labor says the government needs to keep a “laser-like focus” on retaining jobs as the UK emerges from the lockdown.

The Prime Minister loves a big, .historical comparison.

He was an ardent student of Winston Churchill – and even wrote a book about him.

Over the past few days, the comparisons that the government has sought to draw are with former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his “New Deal”.

As my colleagues at the reality checkpoint, the plan set out today is a small matter compared to what the FDR has done, and the fair part of it is that we already knew the government was re-announcing what it was planning.

But Boris Johnson is trying to set the government’s vision in a broader context – and is proud to say he wants to spend a lot to revive the economy and get out of a lot of crisis.

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