Bird and dog owners are still fighting after a few months of ‘Central Park Karen’

Bird and dog owners are still fighting after a few months of ‘Central Park Karen’

The feathers of the birds of New York spread.

In May, an infamous video of Amy “Central Park Karen” Cooper went viral when she asked black bird watcher Christian Cooper to leak her pooch to the park’s rumble.

The spotlight may go further but the animosity between the city’s birds and dog owners has worsened.

“When you see [dogs off leash] A lot, it’s hard to stop going into screaming mode right now, ”said Border Robert DeCandido.

Complaints about off-lease dogs in New York City have risen 644 percent this year compared to last year, with 757 complaints between January 1 and June 30 – 411 more than the same period last year. Fifty of these grips were related to Central Park; In 2019, only 23 people were registered.

Stephanie Ching, however, believes that her Great Bernice Mountain Dog, Brinkley, hanging twice a day is essential to her health.

“There are people who say, ‘Your dog should be stressed,'” said Ching, who can occasionally control the off-leap time between 15 and 20 minutes. “[But] He needs practice. The canyons can be operated from 6am to 9am and from 9am to the middle of Central Park, but not in a protected area like the 3 to Acre Ramble, a favorite spot for bird watchers.

“The birds stop in Central Park. . . To find a habitat where they can find bugs or fish, “said David Barrett, creator of the Twitter account. Manhattan Bird Alert. “If there are dogs here and they are chased away, the birds will not enter these places – and that’s a huge problem.”

He added that the dogs trampled the plants on which the birds fed and put the hatchlings at risk. “Dogs can catch them,” he said, adding that several times a day he sees driven dogs where they shouldn’t be.

But when the birds try to apply the rules themselves, things get ugly.

“This guy was playing to bring Azaliya to the pond with his lab [in Central Park] And when I told her to hang her dog, she said something obscene to me, ”said Border Karin Mitchell. “It scared all the birds and was damaging the fragile environment of the pond.”

Dog owner Amy Cooper (right) after police called breeder Christian Cooper
Dog owner Amy Cooper (right) was nicknamed “Central Park Karen” after breeder Christian Cooper called police.

In a face-to-face, June Border recorded that a man said he was reluctant to be named, showing a dog walker taking six children out of an area, which is clearly marked “Keep Out”.

“Move away with your camera!” The phone rang

Decandido said a dog walker once called police against him.

“I was on the rampage and saw a dog fall out of the garbage so I went to this woman and said, ‘Throw this ugly dog ​​on the leech, there’s a sign.’ “I’m going to call the police. I’m going to start filming you right now,” Decondido recalled. “About 20 minutes later, the police drove up and said, ‘You’re probably harassing a woman.’

Dog owners say increasingly degrading behavior is out of the question.

“There’s no need to go to a bad place like this,” said Janet Wolf, who is walking her legs in Central Park. “Putting a video camera in someone’s face and shouting provokes the issue.”

Wolf admits that he let his dog explore the Ramble Unleashed.

“It’s just a beautiful thing. It feels like the closest thing to nature we can get in Manhattan, ”he said.

But there were enough birds in Central Park. A team of them drafted an initiative and called for more stringent enforcement of the Park Enforcement Patrol, which was passed at a community board meeting in July.

Although PEP officers have called for dogs to be released in the park, they have still issued one this year in Central Park, up from 58 in the same period last year. The citywide number also dropped slightly from 569 to 567.

“It really comes down to an issue of implementation,” Barrett said. “[But] I don’t think the issue will be resolved. “

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