Samsung posts video showing how it tests Galaxy Fold’ hinges

Samsung posts video showing how it tests Galaxy Fold' hinges

If you think a previous video on Samsung Galaxy Fold was sugar-coated to hide the controversial crease on its display, Samsung has recently posted another video. But this time, it is to prove the caliber of its specially designed hinge that allows the phone to fold and unfold and to be precise, it can sustain 200,000 rounds of folds and unfolds in a given use case in an extensive and exhaustive stress test.

The video demonstrates how robots fold Samsung Galaxy Fold and unfold it and as per Samsung, these videos do the same job for over a week folding and unfolding the device over 200,000 times which is roughly 100 times a day for five years to put things into perspective. This reveals how durable Galaxy Fold is when it comes to constant stress due to fold and unfold.

According to AnandTech, Samsung developed the AMOLED display to sustain constant folding and unfolding as well without giving away with any color reproduction issues which is a feat well achieved. However, if you are still concerned about the display crease, note that bumping up the brightness above 70% will make the crease invisible if not fix it.

Samsung Galaxy Fold was first teased at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 in November clad in a thick phone case. Next up, it was finally unveiled at the Unpacked event marking the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 series as well. However, it has made several appearances since then but either in a phone case or behind a glass wall. It is expected to be available for pre-orders on April 26 and an after a week or two, it will be available for sales at a price tag of whopping $1,980 which is a huge dent in your pocket for sure.

The thing is, foldable phones are something new which makes the technology expensive. In fact, Huawei Mate X has a price tag upwards of $2,500 although there is striking difference between Galaxy Fold and Mate X such as the overall width of the latter is 5.4mm with a bulge on its right side while the former looks pretty much like two phones stacked on top of each other so that’s a guess on its width.