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Samsung to go green with no plastic packaging initiative

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Plastic is all around us!!! Well, talking about the largest company in terms of mobile phones shipped, Samsung caters to tonnes of plastic ways each year and this is just for the smartphones and tablets. Samsung Electronics sells plenty of products such as wearables, home appliances and more which cater to increasing plastic usage. But the company has instituted sustainability policies according to which, it will stop using plastic as much as possible and replace it with environmentally sustainable materials.

According to the South Korean giant, it aims to replace using plastic as early as early next year. It will use paper packaging materials certified by several forestry initiatives. Further, by 2030, Samsung aims to recycle 500,000 tons of plastic and collect almost 7.5 million tons of products cumulative from 2009 to date that will be used for further packaging solutions.

TechCrunch states that the company has instituted an internal task force that will brainstorm ways to avoid plastic usage. Further, the company aims to replace the plastic holders within smartphones and tablets boxes that hold them onto the place will be replaced by pulp. Further, Samsung will stop using glossy paint on its chargers to provide a matte finished charger that would eradicate the use of glossy paint in millions of chargers sold every year.

The company is also looking forward to expanding its policies on home appliances such as air conditions, TVs, washing machines, and other products where bioplastics or recycled plastics will be used for packaging, unlike the currently-used plastic solutions. The South Korean giant is abiding by Forest Stewardship Council in order to provide packaging manuals by 2020.

Finally, Gyeong-bin Jeon, head of Samsung’s Global Customer Satisfaction Center quoted that the company will actually replace using plastics with environmentally sustainable materials even at the high cost.