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Ford patents a unique twin-motor drive system; could power hybrid Ford Mustang or F150

Ford confirmed electrifying the Ford F150 SUV a few days ago. The automaker is in talks to hybridize the popular Ford Mustang as well and we might have a glimpse of what it will pack under the hood. So, as said, a patent has appeared on the USPTO website showcasing a unique arrangement of the combustion-based and electric motor-based V8 engine that was filed back in July 2017 only to be published on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website this week.

Ford patents a unique twin-motor drive system; could power hybrid Ford Mustang or F150
Ford patented V8 engine

We know that Ford is stressing on keeping the V8 engine with Ford Mustang and since it is a hybrid version in the talks, we suspect that this new patent could be for hybrid Ford Mustang touted to launch in 2020. The thing with a V8 engine is that it is powerful and by adding electric motors, Ford might have tapped into sucking out more power and torque from the engine.

To elaborate further, the V8 engine shown in the patent is titled as “twin-motor drive system” that comes with a rather vague explanation underneath it. The definition mentioned in the patent suggests that the internal combustion-based system will drive the rear wheels while the two electric motors will drive the two front wheels individually to provide more power and low-end torque. Further, one of the electric motors will be attached to the first gear reduction box to power the first front wheel (for example, Left), then the second electric engine will be connected to the second gear reduction box to power the second wheel.

Ford patents a unique twin-motor drive system; could power hybrid Ford Mustang or F150

The speculated Ford Mustang Hybrid will have a unique all-wheel-drive where the internal combustion engine will provide powerful performance that could be enhanced with the two electric motors that will escalate overall power and low-end torque. In fact, the patent is particularly compact, unlike other engines that would mean a lot could be done after incorporating it thus, reducing the total amount of weight engines put on a car.

According to Motor Authority, Ford has been keeping the moniker ‘Mach 1’ for its upcoming hybrid SUV a lot and similarly, it hints that the new Mustang will have a similar nomenclature as well. Also, there is a possibility that the twin electric engine that received a patent now is for Ford F150 series hybrid SUVs that the U.S. automaker confirmed and will be onboard by 2020 or so. On the contrary, Mustang Hybrid is due to launch in 2020 as well so we are talking about hitting a goldmine here.

Stay tuned to know more about the patent and how it actually pans out in the near future.